Packing and Supplies

Stimpson Movers offers professional packing and unpacking services at a very reasonable cost. We have the highest quality moving and packing supplies that includes a wide supply of moving boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, picture boxes and much more. When you reserve our moving services, we will have all the moving boxes and packing materials delivered free of charge. We also provide free blankets (moving pads) to ensure that all furniture is delivered intact. Choosing between the best moving companies available, like Stimpson Movers for all of your packing ensures that all your valuables are safe.

It is recommended that you schedule a meeting with an onsite estimator (at no extra cost) to help you determine the packing service that will meet your needs and budget. Seeing that Stimpson Movers is  a residential moving company and a commercial moving company, we are prepared, we have all the blankets (moving pads) that your home or business move will need. These blankets are used to protect furniture to rub together in transit. Stimpson Movers has dollies that accommodate anything that you need moved, from refrigerators to furniture, we can handle it all. As a residential moving company, and a commercial moving company, Stimpson Movers, being one of the best moving companies, uses high quality moving tape. There is no need to worry about boxes becoming open in transit.

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