Tips for Packing

At Stimpson Movers, East Boston Moving Company,  we want to be sure that you pack all of your belongings correctly, so there is no chance of damage. If you are not interested in doing any packing on your own, you may be interested in using our packing services.

Computers and Electronics
Before packing any computers, it is recommended that you backup your data just in case there is any damage. It is recommended that computers are packaged in their original boxes if possible, if not available, use a dish pack box. The monitor should be packed in a separate box, and support it with packing material. Printers and any other hardware should vbe packed in a similar way. Stereo equipment follows the same rules, be sure to include packing material on the top of the equipment as well.

Clothes and Linens
All clothes belong in medium sized boxes, folding them is recommended. For suits and dresses, it is recommended to use a wardrobe box that contains a mini closet pole.

Packing a kitchen can be difficult. Often there is glass associated with kitchenware, in-which china boxes are recommended. These boxes protect dishes when packed properly. Paper is to be inserted between items to keep them from rubbing together. Glasses belong at the tops of the boxes because they are the most fragile. Packing material is recommended above the glasses also.

Books belong in smaller boxes to avoid too much weight. They are to be layed down flat in East Boston Moving Companythe boxes, and the boxes are to be stacked to the fullest.

Framed artwork can be packed in special picture boxes. These boxes usually hold two items. Smaller pictures can be wrapped in paper and placed in medium sized boxes. Valuable artwork really should be packed by professionals such as Stimpson Movers. These rules also apply for mirrors, only bubble wrap is an additional needed packing material here.

Other Items
If you will be moving your refrigerator, make sure to previously remove the shelves and separately pack them. For food, it is OK to pack canned goods, but all other food should be transported separately. This goes for any other liquids, such as cleaners.

Moving Packages

We take great pride in providing customers a comprehensive selection of premium moving services including packing, shipment protection and storage in-transit.

Moving Management Services

A Stimpson Movers  manager can act as a seamless extension of your operation, providing traffic management services so that you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Moving Protection Services

Stimpson Movers has a variety of moving protection services all designed to help make your employees’ moves stress-free.

Packing and Unpacking

Let Stimpson Movers  help with the packing and unpacking to make your employees’East Boston Moving Company moves simpler.

Storage Services

Some moves take a little extra time. Our storage in-transit services help keep your employees’ items secure as they finalize their move-in dates and plans.

For more information, Contact Stimpson Movers, Boston Moving Company, Winthrop, Charlestown, Revere, Chelsea, Brookline,  East Boston Moving Company and more.


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