Tips for Packing

At Stimpson Movers, East Boston Moving Company,  we want to be sure that you pack all of your belongings correctly, so there is no chance of damage. If you are not interested in doing any packing on your own, you may be interested in using our packing services.

Computers and Electronics Before packing any computers, it is recommended that you backup your data just in case there is any damage. It is recommended that computers are packaged in their original boxes if possible, if not available,...
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Small Move in Massachusetts

Need Help With Your Small Move in Massachusetts?

If you’re looking to move a few boxes, or even just plan on relocating on a smaller scale, we are the moving company for you - no move is too small for Stimpson Movers! At Stimpson Movers, Moving Company Boston Massachusetts, we work with you to organize and plan your move, even if it is a small one.  We specialize in small moves that are even less than a truck load. Most small load movers are...

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Residential Relocation – Best Moving Companies MA

 Movers can help you relocate your home and your life. Whether you are moving across the street, or across the state, Stimpson Movers, certainly is one of the best moving companies MA, and New England. Based in Winthrop and Charlestown, MA, Stimpson Movers has developed a specialized approach to moving people in and out of their Boston homes, and into their new lives.

We are here to provide you with fast, affordable local, national, and international relocation services. We specialize in residential moving services that get...

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